Newtown Creek, Brooklyn

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This project is to invite conversation concerning water sanitation. The canvas acts as a symbol of traditional and historical painting to criticize this ill-suited landscape. The canvas also acts as material to absorb and document the current condition that this water is in. It was attached to Newtown Creek from 10/10/13 to 01/10/14.

Concrete separates the rain from the soil so water accumulation has no where to go but in the drains in which they quickly fill up. Water is typically seen as a cleaning agent, but not here. The rain mixes with bio-solids and is forced to excrete into the east river. The creek was also used as a waste site for industries since the 1850’s.

Extreme caution was reinforced during clean-up to residents near the creek after hurricane sandy hit the city last October. The toxic sediment was churned and discharged back into homes. This canvas was in the water as the hurricane passed the city. Please view the following links for more information.

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