Paintings 2009–2012

This work explores how landscapes are formed, discolored and are in constant states of entropy and growth. All matter is broken down becoming  less complex and more uniform. Some are influenced by the BP oil spill, large human deposits of waste and death as a creation.

Salt and steel have been deposited in some. The steel transforms into useless remains generating vibrant reds, oranges and even purple. Salt sprouts crystals that continue to grow as the work is finished.

The recently discovered Chauvet Cave in southern France has red dot paintings that are dating back around 32,000 years. The direct hand contact on stone, using pigment to create patterns is a direct influence on my work.

Materials for this series of work are constructed on canvas and wood panels. Portions of them have been torched. Some of them have been buried in dirt to catalyze the aging process.


  • Dirt, Stone, Leaves and Twigs
  • Broken Glass
  • Ground Coffee Beans
  • Red Wine
  • Human Hair
  • Crushed Mammal Bones
  • Oxidized Steel Dust
  • Oxidized Copper Mesh
  • Powdered Aluminum
  • Aromatic Beeswax
  • Salt
  • Oil Medium
  • Latex Paint
Basin Fil_12x12″
Alluvium_12″ x 12″
Exposed Slumber_24″ x 24″
Hollowed Ground_24″ x 24″
Congested_24″ x 24″
Tomb to Womb_24″ x 24″
Circulating Elements_24″ x 24″
Concrete Roots_48″ x 36″
Lake Bonneville Remnant
Salt, Earth on Wood Panel
36″ x 14″
Measure of Void_36″ x 36″