Works Available

Slurry River _ 48″ x 24″_Steel and dye on paper
Urban Residue 1 _ 24″ x 20″_Steel, acrylic and print on canvas
Urban Residue 2 _ 24″ x 17″_Steel, acrylic and print on canvas
Strata Rings_52″x52″_Acrylic on canvas
She Soaks the Strata_60″x60″_Acrylic on canvas
She Soaks Soil_60″x60″_Acrylic and ink on canvas
Double Negative _ 36″ x 36″_Oil on canvas
Charcoal, salt on canvas 3_36″x36″
The Birds are the Keepers of Our Secrets _ 36″ x 52″_Oil, acrylic and hemp on canvas
Conception_66″ x 66″_Charcoal on canvas
Salt and Charcoal _ 66″ x 66″
Plant Tablet _ 18″ x 24″_Plant material, acrylic on wood
Herriman Depository _ 48″ x 48″_Acrylic and steel on wood panel
Leif Rising _ 36″ x 48″_Print and oil on canvas
Strata_50″50″_Acrylic and paper on canvas
Strata-Storage_52″x52″_Charcoal on paper
Strata-FourDeep_48″x48″_Charcoal and paper on wood panel
Strata-Divergence_52″x52″_Charcoal on paper
It Spreads_36″x48″_Oil, acrylic and hemp on canvas
Grate Droppings _ 60″ x 48″_Detritus on canvas
Tomb to Womb _ 18″ x 24″_Beeswax and hemp
Contagious_48″x36″_Oil, acrylic & hemp on wood panel
Leave Nothing but the Bones _ 12″ x 12″_Steel, crushed bone and beeswax on wood panel
You Don’t Own This _ 12″ x 12″_Steel and beeswax on wood panel
Soil Soak _ 48″ x 100″ Raw canvas was attached to a concrete wall. Compost material was piled at the foot of each canvas to make dirt to document the process.
Copulatory Transformation_60″ x 50″_Acrylic, oil and print on canvas
Ascending Soul & Descending Soul (diptych)_50″ x 60″ each_Acrylic and oil on canvas
Dirt in the Ground_50″ x 60″_Acrylic and print on canvas
Condensation Cube Exterior _ 10″ steel cube, refrigerator with pedestal, electricity and air conditions
There’s Something Underneath Us_24″x24″_Acrylic and paper on canvas
Inert Subway – Anterior _ 48″ x 52″_Oil on canvas
Inert Subway – Posterior _ 48″ x 52″Oil on canvas