Current Exhibition

12/15/17 – 03/03/18


the nooks and the crannies, to the forgotten fantasies tinkered in the moonlight, to the nostalgia nurtured within the backyards of our minds, to the blossoms we insist are still washing the mountains, to the color of the gods we have never known, to the peace we draw into the variations of our lives, to our years denuded and bare before us, to the soft landscapes we know in our wishes, to the bodily parts of us that fall from us and make us and unmake us, to the elevated decayment of our earthen remains, to the colors we invent to be seen in our visions only, to how we weave the rawest fibers of our being, to the words we have said to keep ourselves alive, and to the silence we build to sustain us.

– zach t power