numb is to be projected in panoramic view in an exhibition space. A bass speaker will be used for the viewer to experience a low-frequency rumble. The original duration is 6:22 and will be looped continuously.

numb – 4:00


The following videos are combined in a series of digital degradation through reconstruction of compressed data by taking the difference of the previous video clip. A short clip is displayed to make a second generation. This second generation is displayed to make a third generation. This simulates lossy data compression where quality is reduced, allowing for quicker exchange.

Instant gratification is a basic desire and becoming a means of social control in our consumer based system. Product waste continues to grow, altering the landscape while we virtually separate ourselves from waste-lands of digital media. Typically destroying the digital image would result in the lack of signal or a blank screen. Instead of simulating what Nam June Paik has done, I destroy the pixel which then grows into new pixels of lower quality. These videos, being repetitive, naturally change just as our perception does minute after minute.

Babtismal – 7:01

Isochronic Noise Fields – 3:47

Isochronic Hazard – 11:45

I didn’t Want You Anyway – 5:25


“I believe that truth has only one face: that of a violent contradiction.” Georges Bataill

Wine Boarding – 5:36