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Pustule paint put into a box.

Let’s see! What is in my bag? Skepticism, criticism and the beginning of student debt are bulky and jabs at my boney hips. I also have a large amount of curiosity, lists of ideas to explore and tidal waves of starvation…no, I mean ambition. In grad school, “you never learn what you expect or hope to learn”, someone once told me, but I am all ears and going to sponge it all up. This “art world” is so disgustingly esoteric that I feel myself pull from it while I’m bumping the shoulder’s of the centralized crowds to find out that there is a lot of shitty art–though shitty can be a great thing.

The community at Pratt is like family. Most people want to help out and cling to each other like sauce does to chicken wings. Like giving their hair for a project, building installations for thesis shows, acting for a music video and of course the constant evaluation of the work. Sometimes it’s hard to here that your project was a complete failure. Sometimes it’s hard to hear only compliments and what works. Either way I listen to it all, write it all down, drop it and continue with what I am doing. Pursuing to the next project, I could learn to do things faster and more efficient but that takes away from purity. What I need to learn, and what everyone is insinuating I do, is to do less with less control. I am learning to have a balance of everything. So I’ll put it all in a dirt box and start a new semester tomorrow. It is exciting that I have no idea what I will end up with..

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